Find amazing Baked Goods at Mountain Roots Farm!

A passion of Heidi's is baking from-scratch goodies using classic French style techniques.  Every day you will find different creations baked using our eggs and vegetables, high quality unbleached and un-bromeated flours, organic and natural sugars, and local and organic fruits.

A selection of our offerings include:

Galettes- Heidi's signature baked good!  There is always a sweet and a savory option available.  The sweet, hand-held fruit pies are made with a classic pate brise butter crust, and whichever fruits are fresh and in season.  The savory options are always made with our veggies and feature the produce currently in season.  You may find strawberry-rhubard, peach-raspberry, pear-lemon zest, stone fruit, kale pesto-swiss chard-goat cheese, basil pesto-roast tomato-fresh mozzarella, roast garlic goat cheese-roasted beets-thyme, etc!  The combinations are endless!

Tarts- Our custard tarts are made with pate brise crust, our eggs, local milk, and natural sugars.  They are creamy and delicious!  Our favorites include tangy lemon custard with foraged blackberries, local honey custard, Mountain Roots Farm pumpkin pie, and NH maple custard.

Other Treats include- French citrus-basil butter cookies, the Best Brownies ever, croissants, classic chocolate chip cookies, biscotti, and more!  And enjoy our baked goods with a mug of locally roasted coffee or organic tea!